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Hospital Visiting Policy


At Lennox and Addington County General Hospital (LACGH), it is critical that we keep patients, staff and the hospital environment safe. We must all do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are taking additional precautions to keep patients, families, and staff safe including ongoing changes to our Visitor Policy. 

We recognize the importance of family and or caregiver support when patients are in hospital and will make every effort to ensure that the needs of patients and families are met while these temporary measures are in place, including the use of virtual technology to support connecting patients to their loved ones whenever possible


This policy does not apply to Long Term Care (LTC), refer to LTC specific visitation policy

Each patient may register up to two, fully vaccinated visitors with the care team. Only one visitor is permitted at a time in the hospital to reduce crowding. Visitors may visit daily before 2030 hours and may stay a total of three hours each per day. A single visitor may leave the hospital and return during that 3 hours. Visitors are not permitted to eat and drink while visiting the facility and are not permitted to visit the cafeteria.  Registered visitors may switch every seven day, if absolutely necessary, however patients are encouraged to register visitors that can support them for the duration of their hospital stay

Fully vaccinated is defined as 14 days after two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine. Registered visitors will be required to show proof of vaccination and photo ID to the screener at the main entrance of the hospital. Visitors are also required to screen negative, wash their hand and apply a hospital issued mask before entering the hospital.

Visitors may be asked to limit their time, or may be asked to leave and return at a later time to reduce crowding concerns.

Inpatients may not have visitors until their quarantine period is cleared. Virtual and telephone visits are encouraged at any time. COVID-19 positive patients are not permitted visitors unless the patient is actively dying.

Inpatient exceptions

  • Inpatients who are imminently dying or receiving MAID are permitted to have visitors regardless of visitor’s vaccine status. Appropriate PPE should be provided for visitors.

Outpatient exceptions

  • Patients are encouraged to attend ambulatory appointments and ED alone, however there may be special circumstances when caregivers are required. Caregivers may attend visits for patients in the following categories:
    • Pediatrics
    • Patients with significant developmental, physical or intellectual disabilities
    • Patients with cognitive Impairments
    • Patients with acute mental Health
    • Patients with insurmountable language barrier where all means of remote communication has failed

Obstetrical Ultrasounds – Patient must attend alone unless one of the above exceptions are met.

Exception beyond what is noted in this policy are expected to be rare and will be reviewed by the Director of the identified clinical area. Exceptions will not be granted on the same day. Daily COVID-19 rapid tests, obtained in the community, may be considered for visitors unable to be vaccinated.

Virtual Visiting and Staying Connected

Virtual care connection will be offered to all patients as a method of communicating with families. 

Virtual Visits

Virtual visits will be encouraged using either the patients’ own technology device or via a tablet provided by the hospital. (Care team staff: please refer to the IT department for these patients who are identified to have this need).

Patients can connect to the free LAC Public Wi-Fi and use video apps such as FaceTime, Messenger and Zoom without using up their data plan. If a patient does not have a device, we are happy to arrange a Virtual Visit (video chat). These can be facilitated by either requesting a Virtual Visit appointment via email:  or speaking with the care team staff.

Visitor Guidelines Reference Table

All Inpatients1 vaccinated visitor identified by patient on admission.1 visitor may leave and return same day.
End of Life Patients with a PPS of 30% or lessException applies (refer to guidance allowance for unvaccinated visitors)2 visitors concurrently. Social distancing must be maintained, maximum of 6 in total.
MAIDTeam will establish needs with the patient and SDM and or POA.To be determined by team members, giving consideration to social distancing requirements.
Visitor or patient under 18 years oldMinor must be accompanied by vaccinated care giver-together counts as 1 visitor.1 visitor (+minor) per day may enter more than once.
All patients who request an exceptionExceptions are to be avoided.
ER patientsNo visitorsUnder 18,1 parent; Devastating diagnosis, 1 visitor; Emergent situation, 1 visitor, Assistance with communication needs,1 visitor.
Outpatients: DI and or ClinicsNo visitorsCan be accompanied by 1 person, if needed for communication and or mobility assist.
Patients requiring transition of care supportCoordination of care; e.g. home care, follow up instructions, external specialists follow up etc.Virtual or phone conversation, or on site visit with team. Apply visitation process unless exception provided by team.
Visitor Guideline Reference Table – Updated December 14, 2021