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Discharge From The Hospital

The Discharge from the hospital is 10:00am

Going Home

From the moment you are admitted to hospital, the health care team is working towards effectively meeting your healthcare needs and supporting you in your return home. When your needs have been met, your doctor will write your discharge. This decision is made in discussion with the health care team members involved in your care. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us to keep our beds available to those who need active medical care.

Staying Beyond your Discharge Date

If your doctor has determined that you no longer need hospital care, but require a different type of care, (such as chronic care, or nursing home care) and you remain with us, you will be required to make a co-payment toward the cost of your room and meals for the duration of your stay. Your health care team will discuss the detail of this with you and your family.

Home Care

It is not unusual to require extra help when you are first discharged home. A variety of services are available through the LHIN Home & Community Care. Their Case Manager is in the hospital daily and would be happy to meet with you and your family, as you make plans to leave the hospital. Your doctor often recommends specific home care services, but you can ask to speak with the Case Manager yourself. Please ask any staff member. You can also ask for information on other available community resources.

Your Feedback Is Important to Us

Prior to discharge you may receive a satisfaction survey. Your comments on what we do well, and how we can improve are essential in our efforts to exceed patient expectations. If we do not meet our mission statement of professional and compassionate care we would like to know. We are committed to reviewing your feedback and making changes to enhance the patient experience.

We would like to thank you in advance for your time and support.