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Day Surgery

Welcome to Day Surgery

LACGH offers a variety of day surgery specialities such as General Surgery, Gynecology, Urology, Plastic Surgery, and Orthopedics. 

In preparation for surgery, please note the following:

  • On arrival, check in at the Outpatient Clinic reception area (located across from the Emergency Department) and provide your name to the Admissions Clerk who will then direct you to the Day Surgery Unit.
  • Bring all medications taken on a regular basis and/or any other pertinent medical information (i.e. allergies/medic alert). The doctor will clarify which medication(s) you should and should not take.
  • It is extremely important that you do not eat or drink anything from midnight until you come to the Hospital. If you do eat or drink before you come to the Hospital your case will be cancelled and rebooked on another day.
  • Please remove all nail polish, false nails, make-up, lash extensions, and jewelry (including piercings) before coming to the Hospital. Please leave all valuables such as money, jewelery and credit cards at home but remember to bring your Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) Card.
  • Once checked in, you will be given a Hospital gown to change in to and asked to place your clothing in a designated place.
  • Your designated driver will be notified shortly before you are discharged to come and drive you home. He/she may park at the front of the Hospital and go to the Clinic area to pick you up.
  • After your surgery you are not permitted to operate a vehicle for 24 hours as some of the medications you received during your procedure may have been narcotics and these affect you the same way alcohol would. You should have an adult remain with you over night.
  • Follow the instructions that you were given regarding post-op care and the need for a follow up visit with the surgeon.
  • If you have any concerns during your stay, please mention them to the nursing staff.
  • Should you feel that you have a problem that requires immediate assistance, please telephone your doctor and if he/she is not available proceed to the Emergency Department at your local Hospital.