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Lennox and Addington County General Hospital Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors ~ 2023-24

Chair – Ms. Deb Lowry

Vice Chair – Mr. Allan MacGregor

Treasurer – Mr. Jamie Uson

Secretary/President & CEO – Mr. Wayne Coveyduck

Elected Members

Mr. Norm Clark

Ms. Rosaleen Cutler

Mr. Bob Clancey

Mr. Geoff Griffin

Mr. Robert Paul

Ms. Laurie French

Mr. Tony Brazda

Ex-Officio Members

Vice President, Patient & Resident Services and Chief Nursing Officer – Ms. Christine Wilkinson

Chief of Medical Staff – Dr. Kimberley Morrison

President of Medical Staff – Dr. Sonal Patel

President of Volunteer Services – Ms. Margaret Isbester

Foundation Representative – Ms. Kelly Roantree

Patient & Family Advisor Representative – Ms. Alice Carlson

Board Meetings

Regular monthly Board meetings are typically held on the first Tuesday of each month. There are no regular meetings of the Board in July and August.

Board Minutes

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