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Volunteer Services Officers


Past President: Cathie Vick
President: Diane Airhart
Vice-President: Mary Mayo

Treasurer: David Coles 
Alice Carlson 

Hospital Committees/Board

Board of Directors:             
Diane Airhart
Foundation: Joyce Tucker-Brumwell
Pastoral Care: Shirley Foley


Committees and Conveners 

Annual Events
      Valentine's Tea
      Spring Tea and Bake Sale
      Thanksgiving Tea and Harvest Sale
      Christmas Bazaar
Baking                                        Heidi Sands
Coffee Shop                               Ruth Distefano, Liz Taylor
Coffee Shop Suppliers               Bonnie Winter, Elwood Hughes
Communications/Newsletter      Blaine Williams
Correspondence                        Eileen Ronald
Courtesy Desk                           Cathie Vick
Crafts                                         Linda Shalm
Gift Shop                                   Sharon van Gent
Governance                               Alice Carlson
H.E.L.P.P.                                  Dave Coles, Freda Burns, Kees van Gent
Historian                                    Beth McPherson
Hospital Bridge                           Ann Lamb
Hospitality Cart                           Flo Shaw
Knitting                                       Betty Kaddie
Membership & Coordinator of
New Volunteers                           Beryl Jacka
Patient Care
      In-patient Care                     Marjorie Murphy
         Acute Care
         Convalescent Care
         Palliative Care
      Out-patient Care 
          Bone Densitometry/
                 Mammography           Catherine Dodds
          Same day surgery
          Triage/Emergency            Judy Williams
Photography                               Ann Lamb
Television Rentals                      Ruth Distefano, Blaine Williams
LACG Hospital Contact Info
8 Richmond Park Drive,
Napanee, ON K7R 2Z4
(613) 354-3301