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The Lennox and Addington County General Hospital is committed to providing quality patient care to our community. Our focus is on quality care, patient satisfaction and client safety as we strive to continually look for opportunities to meet our goal to be a progressive hospital meeting the needs of our local communities and then some….
In accordance with the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA), the hospital has established a Quality Committee of the Board of Directors to review what we do well and develop plans to address areas for improvement. The committee continually reviews quality indicators and monitors our progress as we strive to provide the best customer experience possible.

What Quality Means at LACGH


 The LACGH Patient Advisory Council participated in a focus group session in April 2017 to develop the following Quality Statement that represents the philosophy of Quality at LACGH.

"Quality patient-centered care at LACGH entails knowledgeable, skilled and timely diagnosis and treatment by a respectful, empathetic health care team with a key focus on open communication with patient families.  This care will be provided in a safe, clean and inviting environment."

Excellent Care for All Act

The focus of the Excellent Care For All Act is:
  • Quality and its continuous improvements
  • To ensure accountability by all staff
  • To improve patient satisfaction

Requirements of the Act:

  1. To develop a Quality Committee (sub-committee of the Board of Directors). At least 1/3 of the committee membership must be voting members of the Hospital Board plus a member of the Medical Advisory Committee, the CEO, Chief Nursing Officer and one person who works in the hospital and who is not a physician or a nurse. The committee must be chaired by a Board Member and reports directly to the Board of Directors.

  2. To develop a yearly Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). This plan must be completed and approved by the Board by March 31 of each year. The plan must include standards objectives set by the MOHLTC plus hospital specific objectives. We have ten objectives in our QIP. The plan must be submitted to the Ontario Health Quality Council and posted publically by April 1 of each year. Please click here to view the hospital's Quality Improvement Plan.

  3. Compensation of the CEO, Chief of Staff, Chief Nursing Officer, and the Directors are linked to be linked to the achievement of performance improvement targets laid out in our QIP. This means that 3% of current salaries are held back annually on the condition that the hospital meets the targets set out in the plan.

  4. To survey patients and caregivers at least once every fiscal year. This surveys are to be focused on Emergency Department and Inpatient/Acute patients.

  5. To survey staff and care providers at least once every two years.

  6. To develop a Patient Declaration of Values (PDOV) after consultation with the public. This is achieved through focus group meetings with diverse groups in the community to engage them to share their opinions and experiences to help us develop the PDOV. In order to make improvements we need to know what our patient’s expectations are. Please click here to view the hospital's Patient Declaration of Values.

  7. To establish a patient relations process that reflects the content of the Patient Declaration of Values.

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