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Patient Responsibilities

Patients have responsibilities that are an equally important part of providing quality health care.
Your responsibilities include:
  • The responsibility to respond to hospital employees in a considerate and respectful manner.
  • The responsibility to provide to the best of your ability, accurate and complete information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalization, medications, and other matters related to your health.
  • The responsibility to keep members of the health care team informed of any changes in your condition while under care, which may have an impact on your treatment plan.
  • The responsibility to follow the treatment plan agreed upon with your health care practitioner, which includes keeping appointments, and when this is not possible for any reason, notifying the hospital or your care provider.
  • The responsibility to talk to members of your health care team when you do not understand your diagnosis, treatment plan or outcome and how you are expected to participate.
  • The responsibility to communicate your advance directives to the hospital or to notify your care team if you have implemented a change in advance directives previously communicated.
  • The responsibility to recognize that the needs of other patients and families may sometimes be more urgent than your needs.
  • The responsibility to respect the privacy of others and to help in the control of noise and number of visitors.
  • The responsibility to respect the property of others and the hospital.
  • The responsibility to communicate any dissatisfaction with your care or services to allow us the opportunity to take corrective actions when indicated.
  • The responsibility to follow hospital rules and regulations.
  • The responsibility for assuring that any financial obligation is fulfilled as promptly as possible.
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