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What you should know about our Emergency Department

Nurse Performing Tests on PatientThe Emergency Department of the Lennox & Addington County Hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The aim of our emergency department is to provide you with prompt and efficient emergency treatment, subject to the urgency of your condition.
Nursing assessment (triage) is done on arrival and appropriate assistance provided for every patient according to priority of condition. Immediate medical attention is given for life threatening condition. For less critical cases it may be necessary for you to wait for a period of time before being examined by a doctor.  
The following is a guideline to help you understand how emergency cases are prioritized at Lennox & Addington County General Hospital.

How we can help you…

Triage Level


Conditions (Examples)

Triage Level 1

Conditions that are a threat to life requiring immediate aggressive interventions to restore or preserve life.

  • Unresponsive
  • Near Respiratory arrest
  • Unconscious
  • Major Trauma
  • Shock

Triage Level 2

Conditions that are a potential threat to life, limb, or function requiring immediate intervention

  • Severe Respiratory Distress
  • Head Injury - with altered mental status
  • Chest pain - High Cardiac Suspicion or Trauma
  • Severe Trauma, Moderate/severe Dyspnea

Triage Level 3

Conditions that indicate a serious illness or injury requiring intervention. Usually associated with significant distress/discomfort.

  • Asthma-Respiratory Distress
  • Head Injury - No altered Mental Status
  • Chest Pain - High Muscolo-Skeletal suspicion
  • Seizure alert on arrival

Triage Level 4
Less Urgent

Conditions presenting as an illness or injury requiring intervention. Intervention can be delayed without harmful consequence.

  • Asthma-Mild Respiratory Distress
  • Chest Pain- No Distress -No Cardiac History
  • Constipation-Moderate abdominal distress
  • Minor Lacerations
  • Minor Infections

Triage Level 5
Non Urgent

Conditions that indicate a minor illness or injury for which intervention could be delayed or deferred indefinitely.

  • Upper Respiratory Infections
  • Return visits to ER for recheck etc.

Note: Prescription renewals and completion of forms are not a function of the Emergency Department.

How you can help us ...

Bring your Ontario health card and applicable medical insurance card if residing outside of Ontario.

When you visit the Emergency Department it is important for us to know exactly what Medications you are taking. This helps us with your diagnosis and treatment.

Bring all medications and/or any other pertinent medical information (allergies/medic alert). Please click here for more information on how you can help us provide you with better care by providing us with an up to date list of medications.  You will find included a Medication List Form to complete and have ready for your next visit to our ER Department.

When phoning for an ambulance dial 911

Have posted by your phone at all times
  • your 911 address (lot and concession number)
  • your telephone number
  • health number
During a crisis, it is possible to forget this crucial information.
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